Get ready to connect with Matt Laz and Pickleball Kinetics! Matt Laz is an IPTPA Director and Master Teaching Professional. Matt grew up on a tennis court, played in a Texas 5A high school tennis state championship, and was a certified tennis professional long before he was introduced to pickleball.


Matt is a true student of the game and has turned his understanding of pickleball techniques, court positioning, shot selection and most importantly, ready position into a training program called Pickleball Kinetics. This unique training program is all about combining good fundamentals and smart tactics to help you make good action and reaction type decisions on the pickleball court. Pickleball Kinetics will teach you how to play a point, and then how to win a point. The available training opportunities range from one-on-one private lessons to various affordable clinics focusing on different levels of game play. Matt has helped a wide range of players, from new beginners to competitive tournament players, develop a better understanding of how to play pickleball all over central Texas, from San Antonio and San Marcos to Austin and Georgetown.


Matt is the Director of Pickleball at Horshoe Bay Resort.  He  is a 5.0 skill rated player who is considered one of the best players in Texas. He is also a 13x gold medalist with plenty of experience playing and winning in USAPA sanctioned events. 

When he's not teaching or playing pickleball, Matt Laz enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife, Amy and their baby boy, Billy. Originally from the Houston area, Matt, Amy and Billy now call the Texas hill country home. One of their favorite things to do is going to concerts in Austin, TX - the live music capital of the world. If you're ready to connect with pickleball, Matt Laz and Pickleball Kinetics are ready to help.


What the pickleball community is saying about Matt:  

“Matt has increased my Pickleball I.Q. exponentially. His methods of incorporating strategy into drills which stress fundamentals is very efficient and allows me to understand not just the HOW but the WHY of each shot. My goals in Pickleball are extremely high, and I appreciate that Matt continually seeks out new methods and approaches that aid me in moving my game forward.”

- Millie Fisher

   National Senior Games 2017

   Women's Doubles Champion

      55-59 age division

"Matt has helped me tremendously in both clinics and private lessons. I appreciate Matt’s philosophy and game strategy in addition to his positive attitude. He relates well to all ages and skill levels and gears his instruction to each player’s specific needs. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is interested in improving their pickleball game, either as a competitive tournament player or a recreational social player."


- Jo Honeycutt

   National Senior Games

   Singles Champion

      60-64 age division

"Matt is a very passionate pickleball instructor and a true student of the game. He has a special gift of making his players and students believe in themselves. He is patient and at the same time persuasive in teaching the correct techniques. I have also been impressed with his technical & tactical knowledge, and in my opinion he’s the best instructor and coach in central Texas."

- Tim Dean

   Director of Cedar Park Rec Center

"Matt brings a wealth of teaching experience to his clinics. His ability to impart good technique in concert with learning the mental aspects of the game is a unique approach to pickleball training. He not only teaches how to make those great shots but why and when to use them."

- Chuck Flanagan

   USAPA District Ambassador for

      Central and South Central Texas